Tips for increasing your spa product sales

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You may well have started your spa or massage business with a passion for spa treatments, pampering and good customer service, and not really put a great deal of thought into the spa products you use. Despite this, the success of many spas can come down to their products, with product sales making up around 20 to 25% of the average spas gross profit.

If your spa product sales are low, or you feel that they could be that bit better, increasing sales doesn’t need to be a painstaking challenge. By simply taking on a slightly more ‘product-conscious’ perspective and making a few small alterations, you can soon be increasing those figures in a positive way.

1. Product placement

Take another look at where and how your spa products are displayed, and how much space you dedicate to them in-shop. You might not want to go for the hard sell but you need to make customers aware that your products are for sale. Considering that your product sales should be making almost a quarter of your profits, are they getting a quarter of your in-shop marketing spaces? Always have a selection of spa & skin care products for sale close at hand during therapies, and makes sure your products are clearly on show somewhere clients will see them pre and post treatment.

2. Therapist sales

Many spa therapists will avoid closing in on a sale for fear of being too pushy or upsetting any good client/therapist relationships they have built. Some will occasionally forget about product sales altogether, or they may not even see it as a part of their job role and only responding when client enquire about the skin care products. There are several ways to get your therapists making more sales such as motivating them with commission on every sale they make, and coaching them with simple sales techniques.

3. Online marketing

Online marketing is an excellent way to promote your spa & skin care products, especially if you are able to build a  relationship with your product manufacturer. Their identity and social media following can help to boost your own social media status and subsequent sales, just as your support and promotion of their skin care product helps to improve their sales and following in return. Don’t be afraid to contact your manufacturer and see how you can work together.

4. Get focused

Many salons and spas will stock a number of skin care product brands but three really should be your limit. Some of the most successful spas and resorts in the world use just one brand. If you do find yourself using a wide range of brands try to narrow it down to the brands that sell, rather than just picking off the individual products! If your sales are quite evenly spread still consider reducing your brands to just a few, focusing in on what your loyal and biggest spending clients prefer.

5. Product and identity


See your products as your portfolio and consider adding some diversity. A unique and interesting product range can not only boost sales but it can help to give your spa and services greater identity, helping you stand out from the competition.



written by Kim Loe