Three Ways to Take Care of Men’s Skin

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A recent study in the U.S. from the NDP Group, Inc. entitled ‘Men’s Grooming Consumer Report’ showed that nine out of ten adult men are consumers of some form of beauty products including body and facial skin care, fragrance, hair care, and shaving. In fact, the study showed that the market of men’s facial skin care rose by 11% since 2011. This is just one of the many instances that show the increasing interest and involvement of men with the beauty industry.

Over the past few years, the importance of men as clients has increased in the beauty industry – both to spas and manufacturers of beauty products. The men’s spa trends have gone beyond just opening up grooming spas. It has now been accompanied by trend reports, spa research, and industry studies. It is noticeable that the trend of going to spas is also growing in popularity among the Asian men. In this regard, Thailand has an increasing number of men visiting spas. There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon. The most obvious reason is because of the availability of numerous different types of spa services there. Thailand has one of the biggest spa industries worldwide. The country has numerous spa resorts and day spas with a heavy focus on Thai massage but with a strong demand for facial care.

1. Men can adopt the following options to protect their skin and to retain youth for a long time: A lot of spas and salons offer their spa services for men. A spa skin treatment can make your skin refreshed and relax you a great deal. In fact, facial skin care is more important for men than women. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s. Moreover, Adult men damage their skin by shaving daily. Daily shaving causes rashes, aggravates the skin, and causes loss of lubrication. On the other hand, blocked pores and black heads are a common problem for both men and women. In fact, men have larger pores in their skin. In addition, due to their more productive sebaceous glands, their skin is 15% oilier than women’s. With oilier skin, men tend to attract more dirt onto their skin. Because of this, men will especially benefit from treatments like Aromatherapy facials, Anti-aging facials, deep pore facials, etc. Such therapies will enhance the rate of oil secretions, lubricate the skin, and lessen signs of aging.

One of the most popular recent spa trends is Hammam, the authentic and magical Middle Eastern style of bathing. So far only few spas and salons offer this service, which is not only beneficial for skin but also leaves a refreshing effect on mind. The luxurious Sharazade Hammam & Spa at Villa Maroc, a beautiful Resort inspired by Moroccan architecture in Pranburi, Thailand is one of the few spas offering this unique treatment style.

3. Apart from going to spas, luxurious skin treatments are possible at home too. You can use vegetables, fruits, and other natural ingredients to take care of your skin. Peach, molasses, oatmeal, white grapes, baking soda, etc. can be used for facial as well as body skin care treatments. Just take a peach facial, baking soda body treatments, or a white grape face and body scrub in order to enjoy the spa trends right at your home. Apart from these, lavender and marigold flowers, cherry tomato, aloe plant, etc. are also very good for the skin.While going to spas is beneficial, men must take care of their diet if they want to posses beautiful skin. Avoiding junk foods, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, drinking a lot of water and juices of fresh fruits, having plenty of sleep, taking daily exercises, protecting skin from direct sunlight can help preserving men’s youth for a long time.

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