Sunscreen: The best anti-aging product

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The sun infuses warmth in our lives with all its golden glory. It is enjoyable and beneficial to get a nice sunbath. Solar radiation continues to be the principal source of Vitamin D for humans.  Vitamin D is required for absorption and metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorus in our body. However, along with the beneficial effects, long term exposure to sun has itsshare of damaging effects.


The most obvious damaging effect of sun is sunburn. Being in the sun for just 20 minutes can begin the process of sunburn in a light skinned individual. Sunburn makes the skin feel hot and causes reddening of skin, pain and itchiness.


Premature aging of the skin due to long term exposure to the harsh ultraviolet (UV) radiation is termed as photoaging.  Sun exposure is the most important cause of skin aging.

There are two types of UV radiation that affect the skin: UVA and UVB. The UVA radiation penetrates deeper into the skin, while the UVB radiation affects the topmost layer of the skin called epidermis. Effects of photoaging include:


  • Fine wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth.

  • Leathery and sagging skin.

  • Taut lips with loss of fullness.

  • Hyperpigmentation like freckles, liver spots and solar lentigines.

  • Appearance of broken blood vessels on cheeks.

The most serious damaging effect of sun exposure is skin cancer. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that in 2012, approximately 12,000 people will die from various types of skin cancers.

“18 Till I die”

The 19th century can be considered as the beginning of a period, when humans started using science and technology in their efforts to look and stay young.  There is a plethora of anti-aging skin care products and technologies available on the market. According to Global Industrial Analysts, Inc., the market for anti-aging products in United States will be more than US$5.0 billion by 2015. This shows that anti-aging is a trend that is here to stay. Nobody likes to look old and the “old look” is undoubtedly because of the age related changes in skin color, texture and elasticity. Looking old also makes a person feel older than his/her real age and can affect the person psychologically.

It is a well known fact that regular diet and exercise help a person to stay fit and healthy. However, skin aging cannot be prevented by just staying fit. It is also very difficult and expensive to reverse the process of skin aging. Sunscreen is a simple skin care product that can effectively prevent photoaging and hence, delay the process of skin aging. Sunscreens have been shown to protect the skin from the UV radiation. Broad spectrum sunscreen agents protect the skin from both UVA and UVB radiation. FDA recommends the use of a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to decrease the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging.  Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of sunscreen agents in reducing the effects of photoaging.

We all know that, “Prevention is better than cure”. Regular use of sunscreen will help you to enjoy the sun without feeling its heat later! The heat felt later is tri fold: physical, psychological and financial. So, if you’re tired of all the promises that skin care producers make when introducing expensive anti-aging skin care products, just shield yourself with a good layer of sunscreen every day.

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