A Skin Care regimen for perfect skin

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When planning your skin care regimen, using the right products is essential but there are also many other things you can do to improve you’re the state of your skin. Combining all of these steps together on a daily basis will help keep your skin young and healthy.

Overlooked for its simplicity, water is the number 1 skin care product you need to use. The more water your body gets, the better your skin will look. Before you can enjoy any kind of results from your skin care products, it is imperative that you take care of our body from the inside first. Drinking lots of water each day is essential for your body and skin to stay hydrated.

A daily skin care routine that involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day with effective products will help encourage your skin to function in a proper way. It’s important to always remember that your skin is an organ. In fact, it’s the largest organ in the human body. Your skin works hard to protect you, detoxify your body and regulate your body temperature from the inside of the body and the outside. Our skin fights off infections and other pollutants that could harm you. That’s why, it is important to take excellent care of y skin both internally and externally.

Your skin’s natural pH levels lies between 4.6 – 6. PH levels help to determine if there’s something acidic or alkaline. Your skin is slightly acidic so it can fight bacteria. So what does this mean for your skin care regimen? On the surface of your skin is a protective barrier -the Acid Mantle. The Acid Mantle consists of a mixture of secretions from the skin such as sebum and sweat. The acid mantle kills bacteria that tries to get entry through your skin. In order to maintain the Acid Mantle functional properties, you need to use skin care products that have pH levels that are somewhat similar to the pH levels of your skin. Despite this fact, a lot of skin care products pH levels fall between 8-10. This higher pH level actually damages and strips the Acid Mantle from your skin, leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria and infections. It takes 12 hours for the Acid Mantle to completely repair itself.
Additionally, if you are washing your face both morning and night with skin care products that are not pH balanced with your skin, your Acid Mantle can never fully repair itself. Continually leaving your skin open to bacteria can possibly lead to skin problems such as acne as well as other skin problems. That’s why, it is essential to use only skin care products on your skin that are balanced with your own natural pH levels to protect your skin and keep it as healthy and young-looking as possible.

While selecting skin care products that are pH balanced with your skin is very important, it is equally important to make sure you are using the proper steps of a skin care regimen. These skin care steps include cleansing, toning and moisturizing and need to be done both mornings and evenings. A morning regimen is important to clear excess oils and sweat that your skin produces while you sleep. It is important to clean these substances from your face each morning to prevent unwanted skin conditions. In the evening, it is extremely important to wash your face in order to remove substances such as makeup, sweat and oils from your skin as well as pollutants and other substances that are damaging to your skin.

The Daily Skin Care Regimen
The first step in your daily skin care regimen consists of a Facial Cleanser.

The purpose of the Cleanser is to clean makeup, oil, dead skin cells, dirt as well as environmental pollutants from the surface of the skin.
Following the Cleansing, use a Facial Toner. While many believe that the purpose of the Toner is to further cleanse the skin, the real purpose of this cleansing step is to further balance the pH levels within the skin. This step of your skin care regimen is just as important as cleansing so it is important to not skip this step.
The last step of your daily skin care regimen is using a Facial Moisturizer. The purpose of the moisturizer is to form a protective barrier on your skin, to lock moisture into the skin, and to further protect your skin together with the Acid Mantle. An effective skin care regimen will contain a day time moisturizer and a night time moisturizer. Your day time moisturizer needs to contain an SPF to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Most people underestimate the anti-aging properties of SPF protection. This is important even in the winter months when the rays from the sun are still harmful. Your night time moisturizer will contain higher quality ingredients. This is because your skin regenerates itself when you are sleeping. The ingredients found in night time moisturizers actually aids your skin in being able to regenerate itself at the highest level possible.

Weekly Skin Care
Exfoliating is a very important step to having healthy and great-looking skin. Unfortunately, this skin care step is often skipped by most people. Exfoliating should be done 1-3 times per week between the cleansing and exfoliating steps of the facial regimen. A Facial Exfoliant removes the top layer of the dead skin cells from your skin. The dead skin cells make your skin look dull and devitalized and prevent the active ingredients from other skin care products from reaching the living, healthy skin cells that need attention. There are several types of exfoliants such as scrubs, chemical peels as well as many others. For weekly skin care use, try using an exfoliating facial scrub. When selecting a scrub, it is important to use a gentle scrub with smaller circular grains. Bigger grains that are not perfectly circular can be usually found in cheap, drug store brands and can cause tiny, microscopic tears in the skin and actually cause more harm to your skin with extensive use. It is important to note that you should not exfoliate more than 3 times a week as too much exfoliating may have the opposite effect and cause imbalance to your pH levels.

Other Skin Care Products
While the four skin care products mentioned above are products that should be used in every skin care regimen, there are other products that can also help improve the skin. While these products help the skin, they are not necessarily essential skin care products for everyone.

Eye Creams are very popular skin care products for more mature skin.

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive compared to other skin areas on your body and it does not contain fat cells. All Eye creams contain very rich ingredients to help thicken the skin around your eyes and protect it. These creams slow down the development of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. If you are using a quality day cream and night cream, then the ingredients found in those products should be sufficient for your eye area. But if you are not using a high quality skin care line or if you are worried about wrinkles and anti-aging, then an eye cream will benefit your daily skin care regimen. Eye creams should be applied around the eye area after toning and before the moisturizer is applied.

Serums are rich, concentrated products that target specific skin conditions such as aging, acne, sensitivity and many others. These serums add extra nutrients to the skin and contain higher amounts of active ingredients than regular skin care products. Serums get deeper into the skin to target specific skin conditions. Serums are usually the most expensive components of a skin car regimen, however, the price reflects the quality of the ingredients within the product and is worth the money as they are highly effective. Because serums have such high quality ingredients with a high percentage of active ingredients, just a small amount of serum is required for each treatment. Because serums are liquid based, they also spread very easily. Serums need to be applied between the toning and moisturizing steps of the skin care regimen and can be used daily (if you have the money).


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