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5 Tips for a More Profitable Spa

Design is key It can be extremely difficult to design the layout for a new spa, especially a spa which is keen to follow the latest spa trends and work to their clients demands. How many treatment rooms should we have? How much space should we devote to specialist services? How much space should be…


The Modern Spa: Getting into innovation

by Kim Loe Gone are the days when the average spa goer would be content with a standard selection of manicures, facials and massages presented to them, anticipating a relaxing afternoon of simple calming and pampering procedures; the modern-day spa client expects so much more for their time and money, and is far more open-minded,…


5 Wise Ways Massage Therapists Can Sell

by Kim Loe . We often come across massage therapists and spa technicians who feel very uncomfortable selling products to their clients, especially during massage therapy and skin care treatment. Many of them feel that it is unprofessional to try to sell further products during any stage of their service, whilst some even find it unethical…


Sunscreen: The best anti-aging product

The sun infuses warmth in our lives with all its golden glory. It is enjoyable and beneficial to get a nice sunbath. Solar radiation continues to be the principal source of Vitamin D for humans.  Vitamin D is required for absorption and metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorus in our body. However, along with the beneficial…


Three Ways to Take Care of Men’s Skin

A recent study in the U.S. from the NDP Group, Inc. entitled ‘Men’s Grooming Consumer Report’ showed that nine out of ten adult men are consumers of some form of beauty products including body and facial skin care, fragrance, hair care, and shaving. In fact, the study showed that the market of men’s facial skin…