Experience in Professional Spa treatments

With over a decade of experience in the spa, healthcare and wellness industries to our name, we are on a mission to lead the way in high-end spa products and professional modern treatments, with a dedication to marrying age-old spa and massage traditions with innovative new ideas, effective active ingredients and state-of-the-art technology.

Innovative Spa Solutions

Having already setting high standards with our immunetra professional spa product line, a range of innovative blood type specific skin care products & skin treatments, we are now venturing into professional facial care, launching a collection of exclusive facial products from Thailand  to challenge current standards with cutting-edge formulas. Our new professional facial products are using some of the most potent actives available on the market to compliment unique massage treatments and power-boosting facials.

Luxurious & effective Spa Products

Already catering to some of Thailand’s most exclusive day spas and luxurious 5-star resorts, we are quickly earning a reputation as a market leader in innovative skin care products, constantly seeking new ways to adapt existing spa treatments and massage traditions with the latest ingredients and technology. Responding to the needs of the knowledgeable, modern spa goer, we have created multi-active formulations to ensure maximum therapeutic effects in our skin care products, not just promising the best in pampering and relaxation, but guaranteeing outstanding results after every skin treatment.

We focus on service

Dermascent product lines are developed for professional spa treatments, offering a dedicated personal aftercare service to help train and educate spa technicians in order to ensure maximum effect and guarantee the results promised.

Our vision is to become the leading skin care producer in Thailand.