5 Wise Ways Massage Therapists Can Sell

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by Kim Loe .

We often come across massage therapists and spa technicians who feel very uncomfortable selling products to their clients, especially during massage therapy and skin care treatment. Many of them feel that it is unprofessional to try to sell further products during any stage of their service, whilst some even find it unethical or against their moral code.

The common belief is that introducing sales to massage and skin care treatment is destructive to the relaxed and friendly nature of the therapy, and to do so would not be in the interest of the client. I always agree somewhat with the first sentiment, if done incorrectly pushy, insensitive and inappropriate sales techniques are highly disruptive to a peaceful massage session, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a time and place for sales (you wouldn’t find it disruptive for a hairdresser to suggest a good styling product whilst dusting cut hair from your shoulders). As for sales not being in the interest of the customer, I always disagree; the best massage and skin care therapies are not solely about the hour or 90 minutes your client is in your care, but it is about setting them on the right path to a healthier lifestyle, and suggesting products, techniques and homecare services are a large part of that process. I agree that it would be unethical to suggest or sell a product you didn’t think would be beneficial to your client, but to not suggest products that you feel are beneficial to your clients is just as unethical and unprofessional, and to the disservice of the customer and the service as a whole.

One must remember, good massage sales techniques are not ways of tricking clients into buying products they don’t really need, or ‘pulling the wool other their eyes’ in any way, and it’s certainly not about putting customers under pressure or taking away from their therapy experience; massage sales are about product and client knowledge, suggesting the right product to the right customer, and at the appropriate time, for the benefit of everyone.

Here are 5 tips to better skin care sales:

1.    Know your client

The best way to offer the best products and ideas that will benefit your customer is to listen to them, and listen carefully. Are they sporty? Do they travel a lot? Are they in a high pressured job? Listening to your customers and understand their needs means you will never have to really ‘sell’ a product to them, merely suggest the products that they are already crying out for.



2. Believe in your product

It is your job as a therapist to fully understand every product you use, and once you do have that knowledge you then need the belief! If you don’t believe in the products you are using and selling then you are in the wrong job, but if you do have that knowledge and belief selling is no longer about ‘finding an angle’ or pushing a concept, it’s about sharing that knowledge and belief.


3. Sell the concept not the contents

Many products will come in an array of different colours and fragrances to tempt in potential customers, but your concern should be what the product really does. Your job is to translate to the client what that product can really do for them; does the product improve circulation? Reduce swelling? Focus on explaining the benefits, this is what the customer needs to know.

4. Offer products to take home

Try to suggest some products and techniques to your clients that will not only benefit their skin and health, but those that will remind them of their pampering and therapy sessions, benefiting their mind and prolong the amazing way they feel when leaving the massage table! These are often the simple and inexpensive products such as music, candles and aromatherapy products.

5. Bringing the shop to the shopper.

A common mistake made by some spas and health resorts is not having a dedicated sales and product area, and it is usually through the same fears and concerns as above, feeling it is being pushy and taking away from the relaxed and unpressured atmosphere. Just about all your customers will use body care products (and if not then they need you even more!), and if they are not buying them from you they are buying them elsewhere, but where better to buy body care product than from the people they trust to perform their skin care treatment, With professionally trained therapists there to offer help and advice when needed.

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