5 Day Spa Marketing Tips

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There is no one magic marketing tip that can suddenly get your customer and sales figures shooting up but there are lots of very significant (and affordable!) steps and changes you can make to start building up a loyal and growing customer base.

Here are 5 solid tips to push you in the right direction. None of them require any great investment of money or hard labour, but with a little time, dedication, and patience you will see your client base grow.

1. Spend more time on your social media presence

We can’t stress enough how important social media is for small (and large) spa businesses, never before has there been such a great FREE way of marketing your products and services to such a huge market. Facebook and Twitter are the key players here, and the more time you spend on your pages and content the greater the rewards. It really is fairly easy and painless setting up and maintaining a twitter and facebook page, and people will happily like and share your services with their friends if you are doing a half decent job, which is immediate advertising and attention.

You can start building up your followers by advertising your online accounts in store and in local media and flyers, making sure to mention your twitter and/or facebook page to your customers (especially satisfied ones!). On twitter you can also start to follow others, many of whom will politely follow you back (while you should be following those who follow you).

Once you get people to like and follow you make sure you continue to update your pages and keep it interesting, in order to not only get more follower, but to keep the ones you have! A good way of doing this is to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to those following you on online.

One word of warning: Don’t be too pushy, asking/begging for people to share, like, or re-tweet your material, it will only come across as desperate and needy, and may cause you to lose fans and followers.

2. Traditional Advertising

While social media is the way forward, count out traditional and local media at your peril! Print, radio, and local TV ads are still highly valuable, even the local parish church paper will get your name and services to key customers. While you will not be reaching numbers anywhere near the potential of facebook, the percentage of those you reach who will become paying customers will be considerably higher in the local press.

We don’t recommend spending too much time on local media, though it is a great way to spend any free time during quiet periods, and once you have an active social media presence it’s great to combine the two, making your online address very clear in your ads.

3. Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a classic and sure fire way to drum up new customers, especially around the holidays. Speak to any successful, long running spa business and they are likely to rave about the positives of gift certificates and their ability to not only bring in extra sales, but to attract new customers.

Make sure to advertise gift certificates to your loyal and happy customers, especially in the run up to holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas. And don’t forget to keep your customers updated on your social media accounts! One way to encourage gift certificate sales is to offer the buyer a discount on their own spa visit when buying a gift certificate.

4. Offer Coupons and Promotions

As with gift certificates, coupons and promotions are another solid way to drum up business during quieter periods. You’ll find many potential first time customers need that little extra push before taking the plunge, so make sure when you do get that first timer entering on a discount you still treat them like a big spender or loyal regular, leaving them wondering how they lived without your healing hands or pampering products in the past.

Word of warning: Offering huge discounts can sometimes have a negative effect, looking a little desperate or making your products and services look cheap. Instead of making dramatic slashes on your prices try to add more to the service, such as longer time on the table or package combinations.

5. Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective means of marketing, especially for small, local spas. The key to good word of mouth isn’t encouraging customers to come back with their friends and family, quite the opposite, it’s about letting the service speak for itself.

Treat every customer knowing they have friends and family who are well suited to your spa, and trust that the more pampering, care and attention you give them the greater referral you will get. This is even more the case in the age of social media, you may find your spa has got a 5 star tweet or an excellent review by your customer before they have even walked out the door!

written by Kim Loe

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